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Artisan Handmade Soap- Lavender, Honey and Oat- 50g

Artisan Handmade Soap- Lavender, Honey and Oat- 50g

This Anglo Indian Infusion is inspired by the Ancient science of Ayurveda and is made the old fashioned way, using Traditional Cold-process methods that helps to retain the essential fatty acids in the soap.

An extremely mild and gentle soap for all skin types but especially those with sensitive skins. Using a Triple blend of Lavender Essential oils , Lavender water infusion, Organic honey and finely ground organic oats .
The beautifully sweet scent of Indian Jaggery or Organic honey works in synergy with the refreshing and calming qualities of Lavender Essential oil.

The combination of essential oils and natural oat powder cleanse, nourish and replenish moisture levels in the skin.
Lavender, Honey and Oat 
What's in it? Saponified Coconut (sodium cocoate) Olive Oil (sodium olivate) African Shea Butter ❤ (Butryrospernum parkii). Lavender Essential Oil ( Lavender Augustifolia). Raw Cane Sugar, Lavender infused water, ❤ Oats (Avena Sativa).

❤ Organic Ingredients, Fairtrade and Ethically sourced.
All our Artisan Soaps are made using High Quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Creamy Butters, Natural Clay's and Botanicals.

They are Vegan friendly, Palm oil free and not Tested on Animals.

All our Wyld Rose products are tested to correct Industry standards so each bar will have a full ingredients listing, batch number and date it was made.
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