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'Messy Pooch' Dog Shampoo Soap- 50g x 3

'Messy Pooch' Dog Shampoo Soap- 50g x 3


We are delighted to bring you are New 'Messy Pooch' range to all our customers online for the foreseeable future. We have created unique Cold-Process Dog Shampoo Soaps out of our love for essential oils and the amazing benefits they can provide for us and our cherished pets.


Choose from:

50g Lavender, Honey and Oat- For Sensitive Coats

Gentle Conditioning Shampoo

This gentle shampoo is perfect for dry and flaky coats and gentle cleansing, without stripping the natural oils.


Made with ingredients which nourish your pooches skin,while still gently cleaning the fur. Regular use helps to make the fur softer and silkier over time.


50g Peppermint and Green Clay- Chill out Shampoo Bar

This lovely stimulating bar will help soothe your pet's aches and pains and act as an aid to fight infections. Peppermint oil is known to improve the skin and coat acting as a natural painkiller and muscle relaxant. French Green Illite Clay helps to remove dirt and toxins, so perfect after a walk up the field. Also added is a small amount of doggy approved antibacterial Tea Tree Essential oil.


50g Ylang Ylang and Sweet Orange- Sunshine Shampoo Bar

Sweet Orange Essential oil acts as a natural degreaser, so perfect for those greasy and dirty coats. With the addition of Ylang Ylang oil known for it's mood lifting, soothing and calming properties.


50g Bamboo Charcoal, Cedarwood and Lime

'Buzz Off' Conditioning Shampoo Bar

Refresh your dog's coat with Woody Cedarwood Essential oil, known for it's ability to repel unwanted fleas and ticks. Regular use will act as a preventative long term. With the addition of the fresh and energizing qualities of Mexican Lime oil.



Our products are handcrafted and slight variations of colour and design may vary from the photographs on our own site, Etsy and Facebook . We cannot guarantee an exact match of colours and patterns as no batch is the same due to the organic nature of making and creating.


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