• Simone Daisy Mitchell

Elephant Love

As a child there was something so magical about Elephants. My dad bought me a white fluffy elephant that was bigger than me when I was small, and Dumbo was the sweetest and saddest film I had ever seen (apart from Lassie of which I cried uncontrollably).

As I grew up the sheer hugeness yet kind nature of these animals struck me, they had the capacity to stamp you out yet there were so intelligent and gentle at the same time.

The fact that it takes an Elephant 22 months from conception to have a baby and the trunk alone has 150,000 muscles and tendons in it was so fascinating to me.

Just below is of my favourite snaps of a very kind elephant having a sniff of my foot. I remember watching it move like a dogs nose would. It always amazes me how they can recognise you instantly by your natural smell the next time you meet. That's boxing clever don't you think, considering how many people cross there paths for a chance to sit, ride and have a bath with them!

The second picture I will always chuckle at. I had no idea how much water an elephants trunk can hold at one time. Turns out it's loads, in fact it's 4 gallons at a time so that morning I was well and truly soaked!

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