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Traditional Jaipur Soap Dish

We are now pleased to offer you these beautiful hand painted Soap dishes for retail and the wholesale market. These Traditional Blue Pottery work is made in Rajasthan, by 30 women collective from poorer and disadvantaged backgrounds in the surrounding villages of Jaipur.


We aim to support poorer communities in India more and more, a small mission in the interest of poor artisans in which poorer women are employed so that they do not have to wander around for employment.

In Jaipur, it can be hard for business to thrive normally as they do not have any government support to help them. It really hit home how scary a time it has been for them and will continue to be in line with the Covid 19 pandemic.

With these beautiful pieces we hope to improve and sustain the lives of these village women, whilst encouraging skilled craftsmanship, enabling them towards earning a sustainable living.


Handmade from scratch with a specialist clay, made from a mix of Fullers Earth, Quartz and Katiri Gum then fired.


Three practical drainage holes, in six different styles to choose from, please enquire for this year’s colours and patterns.

To the right, the women are being given morning teachings in Jaipur.

Our ever so popular Jaipur Soap Dishes h
Morning teachings for the women making &

Artisan Soap with Jaipur Dishes

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