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A little bit of History of how Traditional Lye soap emerged...

Natural Lye soap has been in use for many years, right from the times of the Ancients. As history tells us, soap originated in Babylonia where they used a soap like substance for cleaning.


Later, Roman women washing clothes the the River Tiber found that cleaning at a particular place proved better than at other places.


The reason was tracked to a soapy stream which flowed from a nearby hill where animals were sacrificed in the woods and cooked and eaten. It was found that the substance was soap formed by a natural mixing of wood ash, water and animal fat.

Though caustic, Lye is the most important ingredient in the soap making process. It is required to dissolve the fatty acids and induce soap formation.Though different cultures used different soap recipes, Lye played a crucial role in the making of natural soap.​

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