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Aromatherapy Natural Plant Wax Candles

With Pure Plant Extracts and 100 % Therapeutic Grade Essential oils, Our products are guaranteed to leave you feeling drenched in the beauty of nature.

We sell a beautiful variety of naturally scented aromatherapy candles to delight, energise, uplift or calm depending on your mood. Our candles are made with  natural eco-soy natural plant wax and 100% Pure therapeutic grade essential oils.


This produces an environmentally friendly candle with a clean healthy burn which is longer lasting. The natural plant wax also retains the essential oils scent strength providing a therapeutic experience from each and every candle.


Say goodbye to nasty paraffin waxes and enjoy the freshness, beauty and therapy of true aromatherapy oils extracted from natures table. Our candles are made with high quality therapeutic grade essential oils from all over the world, Mexico, Mother India, France and China to name a few.


On the top of each and every candle is an embedded heart, star, shell, butterfly or leaf depending on the type of gift or season which is cast and melted by hand to bring to you the true essence of our business, our unique detailed touches we know you love. 


They fill up the whole room with there delicious scents when lit and still give off a light touch of the scent when dormant if left on a table or another place in a room. Our candles come in glass tumblers or easy travel tins, with full safety instructions.

These can be sold separately or as part of our Wyld Rose Holistic's Rustic Gift boxes.



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