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Mandarin-Eco Soy Natural Plant Wax Candle-100ml

Mandarin-Eco Soy Natural Plant Wax Candle-100ml


Beautifully, Handcrafted Products Lovingly Made...


Try our new gorgeous aromatherapy candles with a clear conscience, beautifully natural scented candles which are environmentally friendly for you and your home!


Each candle has been personally made, designed and produced with love and care to bring you the true heart felt essence of Wyld Rose Holistics. We have our own unique blends for our collection of candles, using high quality therapeutic grade essential oils. Each are made using a natural eco friendly soy plant wax for a clean, natural burn and longer lasting candle burning for 8-10 hrs. Sitting on the top of each candle is an embedded heart or star for that special hand crafted touch we know you love. They contain no artificial fragrances are vegan friendly, palm oil free and not tested on animals.


New Uplifting-Mandarin 
What's in it? 100% Eco-soy plant wax, natural cotton wick, Mandarin(Citrus Reticulata) pure essential oil.


All our Wyld Rose products are tested to correct Industry standards so each bar will have a full ingredients listing, batch number and date it was made.


Our products are handcrafted by hand and slight variations of colour and design may vary from the photographs on our Etsy and Wyld Rose Holistics website. We cannot guarantee an exact match of colours and patterns. 

We may not have all the desired essential oil scents all of the time so another similar scented candle will be given as a replacement.



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